Aliya (Eunyoung) Yoo

aliyaAliya is a trade diplomat of the Republic of Korea. Aliya graduated from Seoul National University with honors in 2009, having studied abroad in Japan during her time as a student. After her graduation, Aliya started her diplomatic career at the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the East Asia Economic Affairs Division where she handled bilateral economic and trade issues between Korean and Japan. She also worked on the build-up of disaster resilience, food security, and human rights issues in the Humanitarian Assistance Division. After 5 years of hands-on experience in foreign service, she won a three year government scholarship for cultivating intellectual capacity and developing insights in and a balanced perspective on international relations. To prepare herself for life as a successful diplomat, Aliya spent time in the Middle East. She lived in Jordan for a year, learning Arabic, and after moving to Dubai researched the historical, cultural, social and political environment of the Middle East and its significance.
Currently, Aliya is studying international financial law, international investment law, and international trade law. Her focus is the relationship between RTAs and treaty succession issues in economic legal framework.