Amy Porges

PorgesAmy Porges is the Principal of the Law Offices of Amelia Porges PLLC. She advises companies, governments and trade associations on how to use WTO law, regional trade agreements and investment rules to solve complex market access problems, through negotiations and/or litigation.

Before opening her own firm in 2009, she worked 16 years as a lawyer at the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), 4 years for the GATT Secretariat during the Uruguay Round, and 9 years in large international law firms. At USTR, she advised on many negotiations and guided US WTO and NAFTA litigation during the first five years of the WTO; at the GATT Secretariat, she advised on legal drafting and advised dispute settlement panels. She has handled problems for industries from agriculture to high tech, and is particularly focused on digital and internet businesses, including software, cloud-based services, recorded music, online video and e-books. She teaches international trade law at Johns Hopkins University.

Amy is a graduate of Cornell University, Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School of Government.