Cosette Creamer

Creamer_BUPhotoCosette Creamer is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Law and a coordinated JD-PhD Candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard University In Fall 2016, she will start as an Assistant Professor and Benjamin E. Lippincott Chair in Political Economy at the University of Minnesota 

Her research and teaching interests spans trade and economic law, international arbitration and dispute resolution, international business transactions, human rights, criminal law and procedure, the laws of war, and comparative policing practices. Her dissertation is centered around the context of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Dispute Settlement Mechanism, drawing on a range of quantitative and qualitative evidence, including automated text analysis of an original dataset of all government statements made within the WTO, new coding of WTO dispute rulings and compliance outcomes, and a series of interviews with WTO officials and member state representatives.

She received a J.D. from Harvard Law School (2010), M.A. from the University of Chicago in International Relations (2004), and B.A. from the University of Chicago in International Studies (2002).