Marija Bartl

Marija-Bartl-200x200 (1)Marija Bartl is assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam, and a senior researcher within the project ‘The Architecture of Post-National Rulemaking: Views from Public International Law, European Public Law and European Private Law’. She wrote her PhD thesis ‘Legitimacy and European Private Law’ at the European University Institute in Florence.

Marija’s current research focuses on market integration beyond the state, She analyses broader epistemic and democratic consequences of functionalist institutional design. In July 2015, Marija was awarded a personal research grant VENI by the Dutch Grant Authority (NWO) for her project titled ‘BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO MARKETS: TTIP and the Politics of Knowledge in Postnational Governance’. In this project, Marija addresses the relation between knowledge, democracy and market integration on the background of the current trade negotiations between the EU and the US.