Martín Molinuevo

MolinuevoMartín Molinuevo is an expert in international economic law with a specialty in trade in services. He is currently a senior trade policy specialist at the World Bank, where he assists governments of developing countries on policy and regulation of trade and investment. Martín is also an Adjunct Professor at the Washington College of Law of the American University, where he lectures on International Trade Law.

His main areas of expertise include trade in services, foreign investment, WTO law and international trade negotiations, and e-commerce. He has worked for several international organizations, including the WTO, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Trade Institute.

He received a PhD with honors in international law from the University of Bern, a master’s degree from the University of Bologna, and a law degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He is the author of the book Protecting Investment in Services: Investor-State Arbitration versus WTO Dispute Settlement (2012), and has published numerous articles, reports, and policy notes.