Paul Piquado

piquadoPaul Piquado is Assistant Secretary for Enforcement & Compliance at the International Trade Administration. In this capacity, Mr. Piquado oversees the administration of the nation’s trade remedy laws and helps to ensure that the nation’s trading partners abide by their international commitments, thereby providing U.S. businesses and their employees the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. Mr. Piquado is also responsible for coordinating WTO trade remedy negotiations, and heads the Department’s efforts to develop and establish high-quality rules and disciplines on behalf of U.S. enterprises in the context of other bilateral and multilateral trade and investment negotiations.

Mr. Piquado previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Negotiations in the Department of Commerce’s Import Administration. In this position, Mr. Piquado oversaw the development and implementation of policies governing the administration of the AD/CVD statutes to ensure the robust enforcement and sound and consistent application of the trade remedy laws. Before entering government service, Mr. Piquado worked as an attorney in private practice at Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP and Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy LLP where he advised parties on trade remedy matters, precedent setting WTO and investor-state disputes, and provided guidance to clients on a range of international trade and investment policy matters.

Mr. Piquado received a J.D. from the New York University School of Law, and an M.A.L.D. from the Fletcher School. Mr. Piquado received his B.A. from Williams College. After review by the Senate Committee on Finance, Mr. Piquado’s nomination was unanimously approved by the full Senate in October 2011.