Tiffany L. Smith

unnamed (6)Tiffany Smith joined Mayer Brown’s Government and International Trade group in 2007 where she advises companies, trade associations, and non-profits on government affairs, legislation, and market access policies.  She has extensive experience in analyzing legislation and developing strategies for engaging U.S. and foreign governments, addressing trade barriers in the US and abroad, and in representing clients involved in WTO disputes. Ms. Smith represents a range of clients, including global manufacturing, service companies and digital economy companies on matters including: regional and bilateral market access issues; interpretations of WTO and other trade obligations; WTO disputes and negotiations; and advocacy on behalf of clients to US and other governments.

Prior to joining Mayer Brown, Tiffany worked for 16 years in the Federal Government, serving in positions in the Executive Office of the President, the United States Senate, and the Department of Commerce. During her tenure at USTR, Tiffany led market access negotiations for consumer and industrial products during nine Free Trade Agreements (Korea, Malaysia, Oman, UAE, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic and Bahrain) and for Saudi Arabia and Vietnam’s accessions to the WTO.  Prior to joining USTR, Tiffany served as a trade advisor to a member of the United States Senate Finance Committee where she helped to draft and secure passage of the Trade Act of 2002.